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tv   CBS 58 News at 4pm  CBS  September 26, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm CDT

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one of three men accused in the death of young laylah petersen is now on trial. trial.carl barrett and two others are accused of shooting into the wrong house...killing 5-year-old laylah as she sat on her grandfather's lap. lap. was in court for opening statments this afternoon..she joins us now live with more...lindsey. laylah's family was present in the gallery.and they couldn't hold back tears, recalling the night they lost 5 year old laylah petersen on the other side of the courtroom, carl barrett, one of the men accused of shooting into the house that night. the jury heard from their
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haunting fact in the case, laylah was sitting on her grandfathers lap when she was shot. today, her grandparents recalled that night, as they were the first to take the witness stand. 3 3 describe for me exacly what do you recall about what happened? ??sobs??"we're sitting there, and all i hear is a bing at the picture window. and i says what the heck was that, and i felt a whoosh over my and then i heard boom boom boom three or four bangs. and all of a sudden robert says get to the floor, get to the floor." 3 we have not heard much from the defense today.laylah petersen's granparents were not cross examined, and the defense deferred their opening statement. the defense for carl barrett will speak directly to the jury after the state calls all their
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the other two men accused in laylah's murder have plead guilty. they are expected to testify in this case, an will be sentenced in the coming months.reporting live.... two people have been charged after a 9-year-old was accidentally shot by his younger brother. brother.nicole jackson and dominique phillips are charged with leaving a loaded gun near a child. phillips is also handgun by a felon. last wednesday the pair's 6-year- old son, found a loaded gun up on a cabinet and shot his half-brother in the back of the neck. that boy is expected to survive. according to the complaint...the young boy knew where the gun was...and had played with it once before. jackson initially lied and said the gun was hers. 3 glendale police are investgating the death of a 19- year-old girl. girl.she was found shot to death in the parking lot of the wheaton franciscan healthcare corporate office on
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investigatoin began around five thirty in the morning. police say they aren't releasing any other details at this time...because they don't want to endanger their investigation. look for a live report on this...coming up later in the show. 3 milwaukee police are looking for the man you see here in the black shirt. they say he's responsible for a fatal stabbing last month. surveillance cameras caputred these images of the suspect inside pay less market...before the stabbing. if you recognize him call milwaukee police at 414-935- meterologist rebecca schuld joins us now to get you ready for your evening...rebecca. 3 today: bright and breezy. much cooler and rather breezy with highs in the middle 60s
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mph.tonight: partly cloudy, cool. lows in the 40s.week ahead: stays cool and a little below-average with highs in the low to middle 60s through thursday with upper 60s and average temps returning to end the week going into the weekend and the start of october. on/off rain showers later tuesday afternoon and lasting through much of the rest of the week.
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3 a lot is resting on tonight's first presidential debate between hillary clinton and donald trump. recent polls show the candidates virtually tied...six weeks before the election. cbs' craig boswell has a look ahead from new york. other on this stage at hofstra university for 90 minutes uninterrupted. and they're heading into this first presidential debate in a virtual tie. although donald trump is the political new- comer in this race, he says he's gone light on the debate preparations. hillary clinton on the other hand holed up with her inner circle over the weekend to practice. her running mate tim kaine says the format will work to her fav. favor.there's just a moderator and two of you on stage. you can run but you can't hide. so we're going to see about
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details about anythingtrump's running mate mike pence says the republican candidate will speak from both the heart and mind. they're going to hear broad shouldered leadership that will make america strong again, make america safe again, make america great again againa new national poll finds three out of four voters will be tuning in for the debate. but the vast majority - 87 percent - say it's unlikely to have an impact on how they'll vote rosanna perotti is an as politcal science. she says gender will be an important factor tonight. tonight.what it appears like so far is the expectation for women is higher, that women have to outperform to illustrate that they can be tough without being men.after a season of rowdy political events, the debate audience has been warned to refrain from any disruptive behavior. cb, cbs news, hempstead new york 3 3 once the debate is over, wisconsin will be a major
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at the waukesha county expo center on wednesday.his vice presidential candidate was supposed to visit waukesha tomorrow..but that event has been canceled because of a scheduling issue. the wife of democratic vice-presidential nominee tim kaine is coming to wisconsin on thursday. and chelsea clinton will be in wisconsin on friday. 3 cbs 58 will be carrying the debate live starting at eight o'clock...then stick around for more coverage on the cbs 58 news at ten. milwaukee mayor tom barrett announced his 20-17 budget plan te this morning. one big focus was on policing and reigning in violence in the city. the mayor also announced some major econmic news. cbs 58's julie parise has the details. soon there will be hundreds at people here at century city working on rail cars. the mayor announced today in his budget plans a new relationship with manufacturer talgo.the mayor touched on many developments for the city in the coming months, both good and bad. bad."as bitter as the feelings were between the state and
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bridge." during his budget address today, mayor barrett announced a new relationship with train manufacturer talgo. the company left after a previous contract with the city was cancelled by state officials back in 2012.i think what the satisfaction is that we're gonna have jobs in the city of milwaukeethe company will hire people to refurbish trains at the city's century city site. while mayor barrett couldn't yet say how many jobs talgo will bring, it was a positive note during a speech that also touched on some of the negativity the city faces. "we all know milwaukee faces big challenges and at the same time is asked to tackle these challenges with significant limitations."those problems include limited financial resources, a strained relationship with the state, and tensions within the city - especially when it comes to police officers. "one of the realities of the community at this time is that
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keeping communities safe.""i'm for that - i think we need more police protection. i'm okay with that."the mayor says milwaukee will be spending 127 million dollars more this year on the police department and its pension than it did 10 years ago. resident jim lurie told us he is happy to hear more money is going towards the department-- even though it may mean a tax increase of two and a half percent. percent.somebody has to have some sort of strategic plan to deal with the defiits and what resouces. common council president ashanti hamiltion says lurie isn't alone in that feeling."its pretty clear that a lot of neighbors are calling for a greateer police presence in their neighborhoods. what we want to be able to do is be able to come up with the most cost efficient way to provide that service. " "we asked common council president ashanti hamilton his outlook for the budget and he told us he his hopeful for the coming year. in milwaukee i'm
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the mayor's budget also addresses the lead pipes in milwaukee. he says the budget will devote eleven million dollars to a variety of lead pipe issues. almost half of that amount will got to removing lead pipes that supply water to day care facilities. the mayor says he also hopes for some help from the state with pipe the burden doesn't fall on homeowners. 3 coming up --- troub fargo...two former employees are now suing over the sales quotas...that prompted employees to start millions of fake accounts. 3 and we look back on the life of arnold palmer and visit a local golf course designed by the legend himself... 3 plus --- meterologist rebecca schuld will return with your
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you've tried plenty of knee or ankle supports,
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of knee and ankle support is here. dr. scholl's new custom wellness center uses technology from microsoft to measure your leg in 3d... ...and recommends our best custom fit knee or ankle support to keep you comfortable. new dr. scholl's custom fit knee and ankle supports. find the nearest kiosk at houston police believe it was a disgruntled employee who opened fire at strip mall early this morning. police say nathan desai injured nine people when he started shooting at moving traffic at the shopping center in southwest houston. one victim is in critical condition, another is in serious condition. police say the man was upset about issues
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the information we have at this time is that he is a lawyer and there were issues concerning his law firm, the fbi is on scene and is assisting us in this investigat. investigation. the man was shot by police. he was taken to the hospital...where he later died. 3 we're learning more about a man who opened fire inside a mall near seattle...killing five people. 20-year-old arcan cetin was born in turkey -- and is a legal least two domestic violence charges against him. satruday night he opened fire in the makeup department of a macy's store. following a nearly 24 hour manhunt...he was spotted on a sidewalk nearly 30 miles away. his motive remains unclear. police have confirmed cetin's ex-girlfriend ?did? work at macy's -- but it's not the same store he allegedly opened fire in. in today's money watch --- two former wells fargo employees are suing the bank for more than two billion dollars. dollars.they say they -- along
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employees --- were fired or demoted because they didn't meet impossible sales quotas. earlier this month regulators fined wells fargo 185 million dollars because workers opened millions of fake accounts -- to meet those sales goals. the class action lawsuit says wells fargo encouraged workers to cheat the ceo could drive up the company's stock price. 3 new york's attorney general announced a settlement with trump hotel today.the company will have to pay 50 thousand dollars in penalties. this more than 70 thousand credit cards belonging to customers. several of its properties including some in new york and miami are affected. the attorney general says they failed to inform customers of the hack in a timely manner. 3 not a great start to the week on wall street. the dow fell more than 166. the nasdaq is down about 48 and the s and p fell nearly 19. 3 the world is remembering the extraordinary life and career of arnold palmer.the golfing great died yesterday from
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links elevated the game to new heights. cbs' dana jacobson looks at his lasting legacy. "the line is perfect, he's got it!" known simply as "the king" arnold palmer captivated the sports world with his ferocious style of play and the magnetism of a movie star. golf would never be the same when palmer burst on the scene in the late 1950's. he became the face of the sport as t-v expanded into more homes.... and helped turn the country palmer won seven major titles including four masters and 62 pga tour wins.he was courted by presidents, and spawned a rabid following of fans dubbed "arnie's army""and there goes the gallery look at them race for positions"palmer's high risk--high reward approach ratcheted up the drama of the game"man this fella is still hunting birdies."in 2011 he spoke to charlie rose rosethere's no game like it.
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it up on the first tee, charlie --charlie rose: yes? arnold palmer: -- it's you, the golf ball and the golf course. and there you gopalmer was a pioneer in marketing for athlethes and paved the way for future stars. there's even a drink named after him. he also received the presidential medal of freedom and congressional gold medal.the battles between palmer and jack nicklaus defined rivalry. and though nicklaus came out even the losses helped shape him."they hurt, they really hurt but when i reflect on it now and i look back and say taught me something. it taught me how to live and how to be a better guy and not let a defeat be the end of my life" dj, cbs news, new york 3 the king of golf... arnold palmer... was also known as a golf course architect and he designed courses all over the world... including
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national in lake geneva... and the bog in saukville. the bog was founded in 1995... it has been rated one of wisconsin's best by golf digest. we spoke to course president... mike hammes. he says arnold palmer is known for bringing golf to the masses... and that spirit is evident in the design of this course. 3 given that we have five different tee boxes, you can get the average golfer, it's playable from all skills for the average golfer out there, or you can go back to the tips and you can strett the difficulty to the ways that the pros like it. 3 and dana jacobsen touched on it briefly in her piece...but it's worth repeating.palmer's appeal was so pervasive... people who have never watched or taken a golf swing still know his name. he is also famous for a beverage...if you order an "arnold palmer" at a course or tavern... you'll get half iced tea... half lemonade.
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much cooler and rather breezy with highs in the middle 60s and a west wind gusting to 35 mph.tonight: partly cloudy, cool. lows in the 40s.week ahead: stays cool and a little below-average with highs in the low to middle 60s through
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average temps returning to end the week going into the weekend and the start of october. on/off rain showers later tuesday afternoon and lasting through much of the
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3 it's been a long-time coming for the milwaukee v-a medical they open their ?first? covered parking garage for vets...that story is next... 3 plus...they put together a fundraiser for a south milwaukee war hero who was in the hospital...but gary wetzel had a suprrise in store for his apprecation day...we'll take you there for
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3 time now for our stories. our chance to devote extra attention to the people and groups making a positive impact in our community and give us all a complete perspective of the place we call home.this afternoon helping out a hero.. and gary wetzel appreciation day in south milwaukee. man yells: you made it. clappig clappingvietnam veteran and medal of honor recipient gary wetzel would so have loved to be rolling in our one two wheels.but still rehabbing from broken pevlis after a
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settle for the wheelchair to thank the people who turned out for a benefit in his honor. honor.gary wetzel, medal of honor recipient: i'm ecstatic. i'm really happy. i'm glad there's a lot of people i know. a lot of people i don't know. they came out to say gary you're going to make it. organized by anthony and jennifer winneshiek. the owners of tracker's pub and grub in south milwaukee.the tavern a nick name anthony picked up as a marine.the combat veterans motorcycle association milwaukee chapter donated the food items came pouring in, including an autographed packers team football. football.anthony winneshiek, organizer: this is what we do for any veteran looking to come home to a place that feels like their home. home.jennifer winneshiek, organizer: gary's a veteran and a brother. i consider him my brother being married to anthony. we have just had an oupour of support. he does things for a good causse himself so it's just time we
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up:nobody would argue if you called gary wetzel and american hero. but for many in south milwaukee, he's just gary who's always given back to the community so why not give back to him. and that's something you d on't have to be a biker or veteran to unders. understand.anthony again: he beats the streets and does things to help anybody so this is just giving back. back.gary again: we will see you on your bike next year? gary: there working on it right now. you can't keep working on it right now. you cake dog now. you can't keep working on it right gary: there working on it right now. you can't keep this old dog down...laughter... 3 organizers say while the care gary's receving at the v-a medical center has been wonderful they wanted him to have a little extra cash for anything unexpected that might come up maybe even to help him get his bike back..either way it's up to's the least he deserves. the milwaukee v-a medical center held a ribbon cutting this morning for its first-ever parking garage that
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for veterans. this 9-point-2 million dollar garage is located at the main east entrance of the medical center, just off general mitchell boulevard and warehouse way. the garage will have a total of 363 spaces--that's in addition to the new 213 spaces in their employee lot. "this is a big deal for us, this really represents access to care in my mind. access to care is not just about bringing health care services but making those services accessible for our the medical center treats over 64-thousand veterans a year. this new garage will be open only to veterans and vistors during normal business hours. the center will also continue to offer free valet parking for veterans. 3 coming up -- the marquette police chief addresses a string of robberies on campus... 3 plus...a woman found dead in a healthcare office parking lot in glendale...the latest on the homicide investigation ahead. 3 and early voting is now underway in
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3 we've got much more news and weather headlines...coming up
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police are trying to figure out what led up to a woman's death in glendale early this mo. morning.the 19-year-old woman was found shot to death in the parking lot of the wheaton farnciscan healthcare corporate office. offi kittilstad joins us live with the details... here's what we know for sure: glendale police say they responded to this area - outside of the orthopaedic hospital of wisconsin - just after 5:30 a.m in a statement, authorities said they found a young woman...a 19-year-old from milwaukee...who had been shot. she was pronounced dead at the scene. the investigation happened at-center of the parking lot near a small security booth - nearby a private security vehicle. police on-scene tell me that the private security did not
4:32 pm was speculated fact - there is a lot we still do not know: we don't know if this young woman was ?shot? here or ?brought? here by a vehicle...we don't know how strong investigators leads are for suspects...and we don't yet know the identity of the 19-year-old found dead...authorities are contacting her family. so there are still at lot of pieces of information that the glendale police department is withholding.their administration says they will decide when to release information - possibly in glendale...jacob 58 . it's a big day in politics. hillary clinton and donald trump will have their first presidential debate tonight. but for those who've already made up their minds...early voting got underway in madison and milwaukee today. 58's david ade joins us live with more on that...david. election officials say they had about 40 to 50 people lined up this morning hoping to be the first person to early vote in milwaukee. and this afternoon... still seeing a steady flow of early
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400 people have put in their ballot.the city has early voting options set up at the zeidler building almost everyday until election day... and will open up two more locations on october 10th.this early voting would not be happening today without a federal judge striking down state restrictions back in july. 3 3 "we never understood why early voting was being restricted in the state of wisconsin... we challenged that often... almost every legislative session. so were grateful... it's unfortunate it took a federal judge to do it... but we're grateful that the restrictions were lifted." lifted." couple of things to remember... you need photo id to early vote... plus you can only early vote in the city of milwaukee of you live in the city of milwaukee of you vote in the city of milwaukee of you live in the city of milwaukee.a few people have already found that out the hard in downtown milwaukee... david ade... cbs
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the first presidential debate between hillary clinton and donald trump is at eight tonight at hofstra university in new york. nbc's lester holt will moderate. the latest polls show the two candidates are in a dead heat...and the firs of three debates could help tip the scales for either . 58 will carry the debate...stay tuned after for coverage on the cbs 58 news at ten. meterologist joins us now to get you ready for your evening...rebecca. 3 today: bright and breezy. much cooler and rather breezy with highs in the middle 60s and a west wind gusting to 35 mph.tonight: partly cloudy, cool. lows in the 40s.week
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the low to middle 60s through thursday with upper 60s and average temps returning to end the week going into the weekend and the start of october. on/off rain showers later tuesday afternoon and lasting through much of the
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sad news for a family still dealing with a tragic loss. the brother of the late airman, quinn johnson harris has died in a motorcylce crash. crash.34-year-old jeremy johnson died in indianapolis yesterday afternoon. brother, airman quinn johnson harris was killed in a helicopter crash in afghanistan. both men were graduates of nicolet high school. 3 milwaukee county sheriff david clarke detained a man in-flight this weekend. the sheriff's department says he was on his way to charlotte, north carolina saturday afternoon. a man on the flight got up from his seat several times and was harassing passenger and as the plane landed...the man got up again so the sheriff intervened...holding him down until airport police could
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and disruptive in public. the marquette police department is investigating three robberies near campus. only one person involved was a student. it started yesterday afternoon when a man on a bike stole a wallet from a man near 13th and wisconsin. later...a female marquette student was robbed of her cell phone at 14th and wisconsin. then early this morning a man with a gun demanded property from a woman near 17th and highland...but nothing was taken. "we know that being in and urban environment brings challenges and one of the things that we're able to do when we see increases, like what we've seen in the last day, we're able to respond very quickly by increasing our patrols and we've done that." that." the marquette police department put out crime numbers last week...that show since they've been there crimes, including robberies, have gone down. the chief also stressed despite what's happened, the campus is still a safe area. 3 today is the start of uw-milwaukee's safety week. this year's theme is "building
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community."a week of events will focus on keeping both students and staff safe. with demonstratoins, activities and simple tips on what you can do on and off campus. "we've had some incidences in and around the campus area so we want people to know we want our students and staff to be safe, the main thing. our students are here to be successful so those two things together we want to make sure they know that there are certina tips and educational activities to understand how to be safe on and off campus and we want to put that out there, promote it a little for them." them." the week wraps up with a "coffee with a cop" event on thursday. the mitchell park domes take another step closer to getting back in business. business.the tropical dome was reopened to the public today after safety netting was installed. the desert dome is still slated to reopen in november. the show dome has been open since late arpil and is getting ready for the fall harvest festival display. the grand re-opening of ?all three? domes is planned for
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cbs 58's kristen barbaresi has a look ahead now to her story coming up tonight on the cbs 58 news at ten. "packers season is in full swing and many people are looking for new green and gold gear but how do you know you're buying from a reputable dealer? we'll have tips and tricks to keep you from getting scammed tonight on the cbs 58 news at ten." ten." 3 next at four -- fall is here...and for many that means the return of allergy season. a live guest in studio next on ways to fight fall allergies... 3 plus... an incredible sight to behold but when you listen to the stories of the women wearing'll undertand why yesterday's walk and run
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3 in today's health watch --- fall has arrived and with it comes...fall allergy season. i'm joins in studio this afternoon by doctor nathan
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aurora health care. doctor, welcome.what causes fall 3 allergies?7ragweed is the biggest fall allergy trigger, which starts to release pollen on cool nights and warm days. 7about 75 percent of people allergic to spring plants also have reactions to ragweed. 7ragweed pollen can actually travel hundreds of miles on wind, so even if ragweed doesn't grow in your area, you could still be affected. what are the differences between allergy and cold symptoms?7allergy symptoms can include sneezing, itchy nose or throat, nasal congestions, runny noses and coughing, many of the same symptoms of a cold. 7other indicators are itchy, watery or red eyes, which is called allergic conjunctivitis. 7cold symptoms usually build over time, usually don't last more than 14 days and typically occur in
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months. what are some treatments for allergies?at aurora health care, we treat allergies with a number of over-the-counter and prescription drugs. other treatment options include: 7antihistamine/decongestants combine the effects of both drugs.7nasal spray both drugs. the effects of ngestants combine 7antihistamine/deco include:treatment options drugs. other treatment options include:7antihistamine/deco ngestants combine the effects of both drugs.7nasal spray decongestants relieve clogged nasal passages faster than oral decongestants without some of the side effects. 7steroid nasal sprays reduce inflammation and are the preferred initial treatment. only two, nasacort and flonase, are currently available over the counter. cromolyn sodium nasal spray can help prevent hay fever by stopping the release of histamine before it can trigger allergy symptoms.7eye drops relieve itchy, watery
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counter.what are some tips for managing fall allergies? 7before you turn on your furnace for the first time this fall, clean the heating vents and change the furnace filter. bits of mold and allergens get trapped in the vents over summer and fill the air as soon as you start the furnace.7use a hepa filter to remove pollen, mold and other particles from the air.7use a dehumidifier to keep your air between 35-50 percent humidity. 7wear a mask when you rake leaves so you don't breathe in mold spores. four musts for allergy season 7know the seasons - be aware of when pollens are up (or likely to be up) with the changing weather, etc. a great place to stay on top of this is to watch your local weather report.7know the symptoms- be familiar with what signs of seasonal allergies are. if it's something drastically different or doesn't seem right, check with your physician.7limit exposure where possible - if you know you have bad allergies, limit the amount of time you are exposed to the pollens or spores outdoors. these particles float through the air, so being outside or leaving your windows open can really fuel the fire of your allergies. 7know your options - finally, be familiar with your allergy treatment
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primary care physician. call to action7to find an allergist in your area, visit 3 for more information about fall allergies and prevention you can visit our website cbs 58 dot com. doctor lebak, thank you for joining us. 3 what an absolutely awe inspiring scene along the milwaukee lakefront yesterday morning, before the storms came in a colorful display of the bravery of the families who fight breast cancer and the hope one day when i can report the world is breast cancer free music musicthe color pink never looked such pretty.and on this day a symbold of the steely determination among families to fight breast cancer.the lee family has two sisters waging the battle. battle.naraye lee breast cancer survivor: i was diagnosed in 2008 and my sisters supported me. neice steps in: it's beena journey. our team is survivng gracefully ten years. and this is her first year here...cheering here...cheeringjoe delaguardia
4:46 pm
toe in the art museum fountain, colored pink for the occassion..and in memory of his beloved patricia a milwaukee native gone too soon...but who'se death he feels has not been in vain. vain.joe delaguardia: lost wife to breast cancer: in the last 16 years, the motatlity rate for breasst cancer has dropped by 34 percent so the donations do work. work.the costumes and music certainly livened the atmoshpere.we at cbs 58 loved that our idea of free pinnk sunglasses was a big hit! hit! survivor: it's amazing you come down here with a whole bunch of people who have also gone through it. it's a sense of truly is a celebration. 3 i also had the honor of talking with doctors at froedtert and the medical college of wisconsin and patients with the cancer treatments centers of america spoke of great progress but much work to be done and if having a fun time is the way
4:47 pm
money through the door...than so be it.. it.. 3 cbs 58 a proud media sponsor but we should also thank the folks at new balance and -ge healthcare and gruber law officers who have been dedicated partners with the susan g komen foundation which orgainzes the race each and every year--rain or shine--but the certainly us yesterday morning--thanks to everyone who came out.. 3 your full readycast with meterologist rebecca schuld is
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3 today: bright and with highs in the middle 60s and a west wind gusting to 35 mph.tonight: partly cloudy, cool. lows in the 40s.week ahead: stays cool and a little below-average with highs in the low to middle 60s through thursday with upper 60s and average temps returning to end the week going into the
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october. on/off rain showers later tuesday afternoon and lasting through much of the
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3 3 yet another boy band takes up
4:54 pm
the ages of some of your favorite actors and actresses may soon be more difficult to find online. i-m-d-b will have to remove date of birth information from profiles if requested to do so. that's because of a new law signed by california governor jerry brown. the screen actors guild supports the law -- saying it will help end age discrimination. critics say it's censorship...that won't prevent anything. 3
4:55 pm
up residency in vegas. they'll be performing at planet hollywood for part of next year. there are 18 dates scheduled between march first and july first. the 90's boy band is promising an amazing, energetic and fun show. tickets go on sales next week. the backstreet boys are the latest music act to stage residency gigs in las vegas. mariah carey, britney spears, boyz to men and jennifer lopez all currently hold the las vegas strip. thanks for watching the news
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"open" 3 "and then i heard boom boom boom and then -sobs-...get to the floor, floor!strong emotions on the witness stand as a man goes on trial for the killing of a child in milwaukee. 3 3 good evening everyone. laylah petersen was just 5 years old when gunfire ended her life almost two years ago.. ago..she was shot twice in the head while sitting on her grandfather's lap...struck by bullets apparently meant for another house. tonight, the trial underway for one of the men charged with that shocking 58's lindsey branwall has been covering the testimony all day and joins us live from the
4:59 pm
it's a story that's touched our community, laylah was hit and killed while she was at home, sitting on her grandfather's lap.her granparents and family were in the courtroom today...sometimes too emotional for them to stay in the gallery. the jury first heard from the state, who says carl barrett is one of the gunmen that shot at the house.the other gunman, arlis gordon, is expected to first witness was margarita fogl, laylah's grandmother.who broke into tears remembering laylah's last moments.laylah's last tears remembering who broke into tears remembering laylah's last moments. margarita fogllaylah petersen's grandmotheri called 911 and next you know robert says laylah's been hit. and
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for laylah. she kept screaming for her.18 seconds secondsthe defense has been quiet much of the day.they chose not to cross examine laylah's grandparents, and they will not address the jury directly until the state has called all their witnesses. state has called directly until the state has called all their witnesses. lindsey:as for the other men involved, arlis gordon has plead guilty to 2nd degree reckless homicide, paul far has plead guilty to harboring be sentenced in the coming months.the trial for carl barrett continues tomorrow morning. we are following breaking news: milwaukee police say a 12 year old boy was shot while sitting inside a happened just before four p-m near the intersection of holton and hadley.police say the shots were fired by a passing vehicle.his injury is


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